About Us

Fabrica specialises in Upcycling, Collectables, Quirky, Vinyl, Vintage & Retro. We’re a local social enterprise business supporting several charities helping survivors of environmental disasters – notably Chernobyl. We are committed to three causes:

  1. General sustainability,
  2. Rebuilding shattered communities, and
  3. Helping local residents live stylishly and frugally in difficult times.

We source prior-owned furniture and household goods from house-clearances, recycling  plants, corporate surpluses, end-of-line sales, unsold auction stock and donations. We  restore, test and improve items for sale. Fabrica also undertakes commissions, puts on  local events and runs a record label. All profits after costs and overheads are given to our nominated charities and local good causes.

We have close associations with like-minded local independents such as Grey’s Coffee, Green Fingers and Kraken Print. We welcome collaborations with: restorers; artisans;  joiners; painters; craftsmen; creatives; photographers; upholsterers; van drivers; tea- makers; cake-makers, etc.

fabrica Now

Fabrica is a UK Vat registered limited company. Annual reports are circulated to all
stakeholders and viewable on the website, http://www.fabrica-NCV.co.uk . Fabrica, an entirely independent business with no political affiliation, primarily supports Chernobyl Childrens’ Life Line which is now active in Ukraine.

Proud participants in North Camp Matters Community Association, (NCMCA), we are
occasional beneficiaries of local grant-aid funding from Rushmoor Borough Council and associated agencies. Fabrica is a participating business in Hampshire’s ‘Men-in-Sheds’ initiative.

Fabrica, itself not a registered charity, was launched and funded by the founder, local
resident Kim Gold: traveller; social-entrepreneur; journalist; Radio 4 contributor; finder
& restorer; collector; Soul, Funk and Northern Soul DJ; ethical activist and community
supporter; lifelong Manchester United fan.

Fabrica – Italian for ‘factory’, with several popular-cultural associations, including Andy
Warhol, and Factory Records – reflects our make-and-mend roots, our love of materials, an artisan approach to life and the traditional workmanship carried out in our on-site workshop. We deliver free in the immediate area and further afield at-cost.

One thought on “About Us

  1. Fabulous to see the re launch going so well. The shop looks modern and the contents of upcycled vintage furniture are pure quality.

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