“Dear Kim

Thank you for your letter. I received it on exact date of my birthday, 26 of May. I couldn’t dream of a better present from you. I admire your commitment to helping people.

I graduated from school this year. June is the exam month, in August I’ll try to apply for  a place somewhere. I’m dreaming of getting into Business College.

I am  very pleased with my older brother. He is a student of University of Transport and he is enjoying it. Luckily he hasnt got health problems nor does my younger brother. He is going to become 13 in July, Vania is tall strong boy and also he is a good pupil. The family he stayed with last year has invited Vania to Italy again. They kindly paid for his return flight and he is due to leave on the 4th July. You cant imagine his excitement.

Unlike my brothers I have poor health. Twice a year I go to the Cancer Screening Centre. Its a very nervous time for me, but then a great relief that once more I am safe. I was extremly lucky to be born a month later than Chernobil Nuclear Station exploded. Children that were born around that time have not been so fortunate. My parents do their best to improve my health and I always try to occupy myself with things like knitting and drawing. It helps to keep me occupied when I do not feel my best.

It is very sad that people  hear only talk about Chernobil disaster. But our people continue with hope. It has been 17 years since it happened. Most people who helped with the evacuations are sadly passed, but those who are still alive live with hope for a better future. So do I.”